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Healthcare As a global research and outsourcing firm, we use our experience, talent and passion to help you gain insights in healthcare. With several years of experience in healthcare market research, Schnell Research understands the challenges of the Healthcare Industry and offer customized and seamless solution to empower your important business decisions. With close to a million Medical professionals, specialties, patients and caregivers, we allow access to health care across countries, communities and individuals.

We have been associated with some of the leading Pharmaceutical companies to help innovate, design and customize their products as per the need.

Our key area of expertise

With our team of highly trained professionals, we ensure making a complex survey design to a simple user user-friendly experience. You will receive clear, concise research findings with actionable outcomes.

Some of the successfully accomplished projects includes:

  • Tracking surveys with Physicians, patients and caregivers to most conscious diseases
  • Incidence checks and polls with physicians and patients
  • Patient charts surveys
  • Global clinical trials
  • Patient and Doctor’s discussion
  • Patient condition and quality of life
  • Patient segmentation/ compliance research
  • Online community and blog recruitment

Schnell Research specialize in critical/ low incidence population sample with hard to find target respondents. Please feel free to contact us for more information at You are just a ping away!